she is frantic (redtruckgirl) wrote in bodyforlife,
she is frantic

Hello! I'm new!

Hello! I started my first 12 week challenge on Jan. 6 2008. My parnter has followed the Body for Life program before and is completed the challenge with me. He knows the program inside and out and helping me tremendously.

I've been following the program for a week and half. So far. So good. It does take some adjustment and planning but it is a welcome change. I am also a lacto vegetarian so that also offers a challenge but I find I'm doing okay with it. (any other vegetarians out there?)

Eating for Life by Bill Phillips has been a big help with our meal planning. Often I replace tofu for chicken in recipes. My partner is not a vegetarian so at times we are making 2 variations of the same meal. I've also found Body for Life for Women by Pamela Peeke helpul. (any opinions on the Peeke book? My partner doesn't like it.)

I've been blogging about my fitness experience over at vox.

So hi! I'm excited to find an active bfl community.
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