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Question about Bowflex + BFL

Hi All,
I am starting on a new 12 week challenge with my fiance soon. We have saved and looked for good deals on home fitness equipment, as driving to the gym/paying exorbitant gym fees has been a fitness obstacle for us in the past.
Luckily, we've found a few really awesome deals through Craigslist and Sears, and for under $1000 we recently purchased:

-a nordic track elliptical trainer on close-out at Sears (my preferred cardio) (it was the last one, a floor model, just priced to liquidate because it was soooo "last season")
-a really awesome professional gym-quality recumbent bike (his preferred cardio) (yay craigslist!)
-a Bowflex sport for our weight/resistance training (again, yay Craigslist!)

Now that we both have cardio and resistance training equipment we like (no more excuses when we wake up and it's right there in the living room every day!), we're taking this weekend to plan our meals for the next week and go shopping accordingly.
We plan to start on Monday. w00t!

My question is twofold:
1) have any of you in this community successfully used a Bowflex for your weight-training portion of BFL?

2) since we bought ours "used" (it's still in great condition), there was no instruction manual. I am having a lot of trouble finding any instruction manuals online (other than the assembly manual, but that's not what we need), or advice online about how to use it- preferably pictures of each exercise Bowflex claims the machine can help you do.

I found it odd that the Bowflex itself doesn't seem to come with any instructions (other than assembly instructions) when you buy it, which is what I was kind of expecting to find when I went to the Bowflex website. (Great, so they tell you how to put it together, but they charge you extra for the pleasure of figuring out how to use it?)

I think I can sit down with my original BFL book and go through each exercise, page by page, and find a bowflex equivalent, but I was wondering if there is any info like that already out there?
The only other materials I have found are $50 workout dvds from Bowflex (uhm, no thanks), a $30 book on amazon (which I can buy used for about $17), or a $40 piece of 3rd party software, which looks good, but hey, $40 I don't really have to spend.

I will pay if I have to, but I live paycheck to paycheck and that money will have to come out of gas or groceries somewhere. It took us long enough to save for the equipment itself.
If anyone else has pointers.... I would really appreciate them.

Hisself thinks we should just buy one of these training aids. I think I can figure it out with Bill's book and some quality machine time.
Has anyone else done this themselves?

I'm really excited for BFL!
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